It’s All About Souls, Souls, Souls

It’s about Souls: This evening at 7:00 pm, we’ll be presenting the Gospel at U-turn World Ministries in Chico. I’m praying that lives will be changed. That those watching by internet will be reached. Pray. There’s power in prayer. It’s all about souls, souls, souls. Our life on earth is to magnify the Lord Jesus Christ…Be in the Rock…


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The Word Breaks Stony Hearts

The Word Breaks Stony Hearts – Reading Psalm 91 this morning, it brings to my memory that God will cover us with His feathers. His Truth will be our shield and buckler. When we trust in the ideas of man, the world, that armor won’t fit correctly. The ultimate purpose of the Word is to […]

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Quick Prayer – God is Not a Man

Quick Prayer – God is Not a Man that He should lie or change His mind. He does not receive revelation from others, He IS the revelation. The love of God has never changed. God is love. Not a person in Hell that God didn’t love. God forgives, and when you repent….

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