Be One with the Lamb

Are you one with the Lamb Jesus? Lord, Your Word says that You are not willing that any should perish. Luke 22…as the Passover was at hand, the name recalls the nation’s deliverance from Egypt…Israel put the blood on the doorposts of their home, and the angel of death  would not cross that barrier of […]

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Get On Track

WordTime: Get On Track – Paul says that baptism in water is NOT what makes us right before God. It is the sacrifice of the Son of God, the Blood of Jesus, and faith in Him and Him alone is what saves us….  

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God Grant Me Repentence

WordTime: God, Grant Me Repentence – You have no power to repent and be righteous before God by your own efforts. If I could be made righteous thru the Law, then the death of Christ would be in vain. It is always a decision on your part to follow God…  

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