False Gospel

False Gospel – Looking at the scriptures speaking of the last days, and we are in the last days now. Don’t sleep. You do not want to be as in the Days of Noah. You must know the Word so you won’t be deceived by false doctrine. This is a race of endurance…

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Why is This Happening to Me?

Why is this happening to me? Today, in the Body of Christ, there are a multitude of things happening; from relationship problems, to job problems, to just unrest in the world. We are NOT of this world…

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The Harvest

The Harvest: In Matt 13 Jesus speaks of the wheat and the tares. Let the wheat and tares grow together until the harvest. At the end of the age the angels will separate the wicked from the just. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Jesus is the Word. He clearly says the wheat and the tares […]

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