The Word Breaks Stony Hearts

The Word Breaks Stony Hearts – Reading Psalm 91 this morning, it brings to my memory that God will cover us with His feathers. His Truth will be our shield and buckler. When we trust in the ideas of man, the world, that armor won’t fit correctly. The ultimate purpose of the Word is to […]

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Why is This Happening to Me?

Why is this happening to me? Today, in the Body of Christ, there are a multitude of things happening; from relationship problems, to job problems, to just unrest in the world. We are NOT of this world…

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Salted with Fire

Salted with fire. The man you are to look to is Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. He is the Word of God. This Word will change you if you let Him. The mercy of God is that you have breath right now…today. Mark 9:49 – “Everybody shall be salted with fire.” God is […]

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