The Word Breaks Stony Hearts

The Word Breaks Stony Hearts – Reading Psalm 91 this morning, it brings to my memory that God will cover us with His feathers. His Truth will be our shield and buckler. When we trust in the ideas of man, the world, that armor won’t fit correctly. The ultimate purpose of the Word is to […]

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False Gospel

False Gospel – Looking at the scriptures speaking of the last days, and we are in the last days now. Don’t sleep. You do not want to be as in the Days of Noah. You must know the Word so you won’t be deceived by false doctrine. This is a race of endurance…

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Truth Without Foundation

Today we are going to talk about “Truth Without Foundation”. We live in an hour of great deception, where truth is being preached without the right foundation. The Word of God must be the foundation. Unfortunately, a false gospel does not have the foundation of the Word of God.

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Proper Application of the Word

Proper Application of the Word – Take the Word for what God is revealing to you today. People are at different levels, and God’s Word applies to each level. Keep your eyes on the Master. God don’t tell you to do what He hasn’t done. Jesus was lead in the wilderness to be tempted by […]

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Just Do It

Just Do It – A lot of the things you think you need, you don’t need. We’ve got too many excuses for those things that we want. We’re just not willing to have those things that God provides. God said He would meet your need. If God takes care of the birds, are you not […]

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What Do You Want Me to Do For You

What Do You Want Me to Do For You? Matt 20:32 – Jesus said, “what do you want me to do for you?” He knew already, but sometimes He wants us to ask. What is it that you want that is according to His Word? I’m asking you today, what do you need the Lord […]

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The Harvest

The Harvest: In Matt 13 Jesus speaks of the wheat and the tares. Let the wheat and tares grow together until the harvest. At the end of the age the angels will separate the wicked from the just. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Jesus is the Word. He clearly says the wheat and the tares […]

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You Are Rich

You Are Rich: Luke 7:22 “Jesus said, ‘Go your way and tell John what you have seen and heard…” To the poor the Gospel is preached. Jesus was physically going out and healing the sick and casting out demons, but the poor heard the Gospel. The poor in spirit. Because they hear the Gospel they […]

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Word Is Your Shield and Buckler


September 20, 2018

Flesh Wars, The Word

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God’s Word is your shield and buckler – “Your Truth God is my shield and my buckler” Jesus Christ is Truth. He is your weapon. Without God’s Word there is no chance. Everything He is His Word. His Word is your shield and buckler. We are at war. We are the soldiers of God. Just […]

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What Kind of King Are You?

What Kind of King Are You? Listen as Coach4Christ, Ronnie Shelby, shares from the Word of God from the pulpit at U-Turn World Ministries in Chico, TX.  

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