The Wedding

The wedding – Matt 22, the Kingdom of Heaven being like a King who arranged a marriage for his Son and no one wanted to come. Then they went out and invited others, but there was a guest who did not have on the wedding garments. He did not have on the robes of righteousness. […]

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A Word for Parents: It’s Not Too Late

A Word for Parents: It’s Not Too Late: Isaiah 1 and 2: I have brought up children and they have rebelled against me…They have forsaken the Lord…They have gone backward. This is a rebellious people that will not hear the Law of the Lord.” Folks, if you have a child in your life, we have […]

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Syncretism is Compromise

Syncretism. We have a lot of this going on today and in the Church today. This practice is despised by God, because it is the combination of various beliefs. Don’t compromise and be limp-wristed in your walk with God. Be salt and light. Be the light that lights up the darkness…  

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