You Are Rich

You Are Rich: Luke 7:22 “Jesus said, ‘Go your way and tell John what you have seen and heard…” To the poor the Gospel is preached. Jesus was physically going out and healing the sick and casting out demons, but the poor heard the Gospel. The poor in spirit. Because they hear the Gospel they […]

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Protect Your Sacrifice

Protect Your Sacrifice – Genesis 15:11 “And when the fowls came down upon the carcass…” There are things coming down on your sacrifice and to turn your eyes to the right or the left. You are being deceived, and the fowls of the air are coming down to your sacrifice. They must be driven away… […]

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Word Is Your Shield and Buckler


September 20, 2018

Flesh Wars, The Word

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God’s Word is your shield and buckler – “Your Truth God is my shield and my buckler” Jesus Christ is Truth. He is your weapon. Without God’s Word there is no chance. Everything He is His Word. His Word is your shield and buckler. We are at war. We are the soldiers of God. Just […]

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Life and Death

This is Life and Death: “To be alive in the flesh is to be dead in the spirit. To be alive in the spirit is to be dead in the flesh.” You must understand there is a war for the Believer is between the flesh and the spirit. All the problems the Believer has is […]

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What Kind of King Are You?

What Kind of King Are You? Listen as Coach4Christ, Ronnie Shelby, shares from the Word of God from the pulpit at U-Turn World Ministries in Chico, TX.  

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Fear or Evangelism

Wordtime: Fear or Evangelism – Listen as Coach4Christ, Ronnie Shelby, shares from the Word on the timely topic of fear or evangelism…  

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The Spirit and the Bride Say Come

The Spirit and the Bride Say Come – Rejoice in the Lord. Count it all joy. We are to be transformed into the image of God…

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Denying Christ

Are you Denying Christ? Jesus told Peter that he would deny Christ…Your willingness to fight in the flesh, will never prevail against the Will of God…  

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Expose It

Expose It – You either choose to be a soldier and fight, or by fault are a slave of the enemy. If you’re intimate with the Lord, you are going to confront some issues. We are to resist the Devil…  

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God’s Will

God’s Will – The Spirit of God on  you will influence the decisions of leaders, bosses, teachers…those around you in leadership. Problem is that many people of God are not standing on the rock…  

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