The Mind of Christ

WordTime: The Mind of Christ – 1 Cor 2:16 – Who has known the mind of the Lord…but we have the mind of Christ. When you receive Jesus Christ by faith your spirit is regenerated by the Holy Spirit, then your mind, will and emotions will be renewed….  

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Thy Kingdom Come

WordTime: Thy Kingdom Come – Matthew 13, talking about the wheat and tares and the Kingdom of God.  

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The Invitation

The Invitation with Coach4Christ World Ministries, the Church without walls. Saturday night live reaching out, outside the four walls, God’s people going out beyond the highways and byways, reaching the lost for Christ. What will you do with a little more time?  

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Pray to Grow Roots

Word Time: Pray to Grow Roots – Those who love the Lord will seek Him early. I will give you first place in my life. My thoughts and my focus is on You.  

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Is All Sin the Same

Is all sin the same? The wages of sin lead to death, but when you look at the Word of God you realize that not all sin is the same…  

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Made Righteous

Today’s Message: Made Righteous. Welcome to Word Time, bringing the uncompromised Word of God, unhindered, uninterrupted by demons or devils, preaching the Truth, believing for the lost to be saved, those in bondage to be set free, the sick to be healed, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Hallelujah to the […]

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In Pursuit of Holiness

In Pursuit of Holiness on a Sunday morning in Getzendaner Park, Waxahachie, Texas.  

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The Cross at Exodus 17:1-6


November 1, 2012


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SoundCloud Message #1 from 2012 – The Cross at Exodus 17:1-6

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