Proper Application of the Word

Proper Application of the Word – Take the Word for what God is revealing to you today. People are at different levels, and God’s Word applies to each level. Keep your eyes on the Master. God don’t tell you to do what He hasn’t done. Jesus was lead in the wilderness to be tempted by […]

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Denying Christ

Are you Denying Christ? Jesus told Peter that he would deny Christ…Your willingness to fight in the flesh, will never prevail against the Will of God…  

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Know the One Who Sent the Text


January 23, 2018

Knowing Jesus

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You cannot know the context of the text unless you know the One who sent it. Test the spirits. Go to the Word of God. “Eternal life is to know God.” You can’t know the context of the text unless you know the One Who sent it. That’s Jesus Christ… 

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Follow Jesus

WordTime: Follow Jesus – I’m created by God and for God, upon this Rock I will stand. I die daily. I pick up my cross daily as I follow the Lord Jesus Christ. The only thing that matters in the Spirit of God…  

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Thy Kingdom Come

WordTime: Thy Kingdom Come – Matthew 13, talking about the wheat and tares and the Kingdom of God.  

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