God’s Will

God’s Will – The Spirit of God on  you will influence the decisions of leaders, bosses, teachers…those around you in leadership. Problem is that many people of God are not standing on the rock…  

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Fall on Somebody Today

Fall on Somebody Today – Act 20:9 A young man was overcome by sleep as Paul was preaching, then he fell out of the window and died. But Paul fell on him and the Spirit of God raised up that young boy. Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. When Jesus died the veil was […]

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The Power of God and the Mind of Christ

WordTime: The Power of God – You can praise God right where you’re at. You can praise God in your livingroom, in your car, in your workplace… Today continuing to teach on the Mind of Christ. If you do not have the Mind of Christ, you do not have the Spirit of God…  

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