The Wedding

The wedding – Matt 22, the Kingdom of Heaven being like a King who arranged a marriage for his Son and no one wanted to come. Then they went out and invited others, but there was a guest who did not have on the wedding garments. He did not have on the robes of righteousness. How many pretenders do you know today? They come to church and Bible study, but they are not wearing the robes of righteousness. If something hasn’t changed, then nothing has happened on the inside…


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The Word Breaks Stony Hearts

The Word Breaks Stony Hearts – Reading Psalm 91 this morning, it brings to my memory that God will cover us with His feathers. His Truth will be our shield and buckler. When we trust in the ideas of man, the world, that armor won’t fit correctly. The ultimate purpose of the Word is to […]

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False Gospel

False Gospel – Looking at the scriptures speaking of the last days, and we are in the last days now. Don’t sleep. You do not want to be as in the Days of Noah. You must know the Word so you won’t be deceived by false doctrine. This is a race of endurance…

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